VerV - Ergonomics Belgium    

VerV is a national society of ergonomics in Belgium. As a professional association, VerV wants to provide a dynamic network for everybody involved or interested in ergonomics. The core of the society are three working groups: office, healthcare and industry.

1. Gathering and exchanging information
2. Collaborating in the organisation of the ergonomics courses in Flanders
3. Bringing together everybody interested in ergonomics
4. Advising the policy makers about ergonomics

Working groups
To realize these goals three working groups are established: office, healthcare and industry. They follow up the new insights and evolutions in their sector. This is the basis to organise seminars and workshops.

1. Office. Office ergonomics is a classical discipline, but is still evolving. Sitting less en moving more are hot topics in a changing working context. Digitization makes working everywhere and anytime a concrete reality.

2. Healthcare. This was an existing network consideering the physical load in health care. Their main topics are: policy approach, risk assessment, philosophy of determing the aids and transfer technique.

3. Industry. Physically demanding jobs are still common in industry. New developements focus on automation and aids. The risk assessment forms the basis to prioritize preventive measures.




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