10-10-10: Change posture while you work? Plenty of ways to do that!

Like last year, we are asking people to take a break from sitting down and to change posture as part of our 10-10-10 campaign. Whether in the office or while working from home, show us how you change posture. Post an original photo on social media with #changeposture and win a swopper from Health2Work! The winner will be announced on October 10th at 10:00 on the LinkedIn channel of VerV.

Standing up while working: worth doing!
Using a sit/stand workstation is a great way to occasionally interrupt sitting and to change to an upright working posture. Do you sit in your chair for too long? Place your desk at elbow height and there you go: standing up will give you an instant energy. If you don’t have a sit/stand workstation, take regular breaks from sitting: go get yourself a glass of water, wash your hands … When you’re at the office, walk to your colleague to ask him or her something, instead of sending an email or calling. All the while respecting social distancing rules, of course.

Phone call? Don’t just sit there!
A phone call is an ideal opportunity to take a break from sitting down, to stretch your legs or to walk around. Make it a habit! You won’t lose any time and you’ll add some steps on your pedometer. Nice weather outside? Go and get some fresh air and some sunshine while you’re on the phone. Two birds with one stone.

Try a stand-up meeting
Short dynamic meetings ensure quick decisions. Due to Corona and obligatory teleworking, digital meetings have increased exponentially. Don’t let that be an obstacle: put your laptop on a bookshelf, ironing board or kitchen counter and follow the meeting while standing up. Good to know: most online meeting tools have an app equivalent, enabling you to use your smartphone to participate. That way you don’t have to stay glued to your chair during all those conference calls.

Keep moving in your (lunch) break
Take plenty of time in the afternoon to eat and take a break. And you don’t necessarily have to go and sit somewhere. You can have lunch standing up, at a high table. You can even spice up your lunch break with a little walk or a bike ride, it will pick you right up. Get out of your chair and away from your screen during other breaks as well. You’ll return to your tasks with your body and mind refreshed.

Choose an active means of commuting
Try not to drive the car to work. If you can’t go by bike because it’s too far, then see if you can do part of your journey on foot, by bike or by public transport. In short: avoid traffic jams, opt for sustainable transport and become more active this way. When you work from home and your cycling route or short walk to work aren’t an option anymore, make sure to still go outside, either before or after work or when you’re on a break. Go out on your own or ask someone from your family to come along by bike or on foot: it will fill your body with energy and clear your head. Because even short moments in nature will improve your mood. You’ll get your daily dose of vitamin D to boot, improving your resistance.


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